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Diane Tanner

Diane Tanner is a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother living in in Rochester, and serves as a Council Leader of the Campaign for Healthy Minds, Healthy Kids: Youth and Caregiver Council. Diane also advocates for The Children Agenda, serves on a group forum for Monroe County Office of Mental Health/Substance Abuse, and is a service navigator for BIPOC PEEEEEEK which stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Parents and Caregivers Elevating their voices to Educate and Empower Each other to Eliminate disparities in services related to the Emotional Health of our Kids.As a service navigator, Diane goes out to schools, recreational centers, and library, bringing resources about Mental Health and advocates for the need of services providing trainings on what the impact of trauma or stigma is for the broader public. Diane loves being an advocate in support of families and children and wants above all else to make a different in someone else’s life.

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